Reserve your places for the TROPICAL PARTY at Lamedina Hotel & Resort,
at the heart of Jounieh Bay and enjoy watching the
Jounieh International Festival Fireworks Show on 15 July, 2017.

For more details and reservations:
?Call us on 78-823 921 Reservation is a must.

Price: 40 USD/Person

Avocado Salad .
Fruit Hawaiian Salad .
Nachos .
Stuffed Potato .
Assorted Canape .
Chicken Taquitos.
Special Saj Quesadillas .
Chicken and Beef Fajitas .
Drinks (Margarita Pitcher, Vodka or Whisky Bottle for 4)

Lamedina Hotel is the perfect spot to capture great photo shots, watch the synchronized Fireworks Show and enjoy the food, drinks & festive atmosphere at our venue and spend an amazing night with Live DJ Music.

Lamedina Hotel, Beach Club & Resort, Jounieh – Lebanon
Sea Side Road, facing Telefrique du Liban

Watch Jounieh Fireworks Show 2016 at Lamedina Beach Party July-14- Event Jounieh
Watch the Jounieh International Festival Fireworks at Lamedina Hotel, Beach Club & Resort, at the heart of Jounieh Bay. For more Info and Reservations, Call us on 78 82 39 21

The beach party will be held on the Palm Island next to the pool and at the private sandy beach; together, we will watch the amazing Jounieh Fireworks Show 2016 and party all night.

– Live BBQ, Salad Bar & 1 bottle for up to 4 persons for 50 USD / Person
Please RSVP on 78 / 823 921

You will be amazed by the ambiance & atmosphere at our venue and spend an amazing night !

Lamedina Hotel is the perfect spot to capture great shots, watch the night boat gathering and the synchronized Fireworks Show all along the coastal of Jounieh bay at 10:30 PM

Lamedina Hotel, Beach Club & Resort – Jounieh, facing Telefrique du Liban, Sea Side Road.

Every Tuesday: Open Wings & Beer at Lamedina Cafe, in Jounieh for 25.000 L.L only
Get your table booked on 78-823921

OpenWINGS&BEER Lamedina Cafe Jounieh, Lebanon

Don’t miss any UEFA game!
Chicken wings, Beer, Sports …. and all the fun it takes to make a cool hang out
Join us with your friends, check-in and get the chance to WIN:
– a trip to Cyprus,
– Summer membership at Lamedina Beach Club
– & a voucher from a sports store.

Taking it to the next level ! Lamedina Hotel launches another Italian Cooking Class on February 16, in which you will learn the following Gastronomic Italian Recipes:

– Gnocchi Potato: specialized pasta
– Original Italian Tomato sauce, Pink Sauce, & Gorgonzola sauce
– Funghi Salad
– Tiramisu (Original Italian Recipe)

Date: Tuesday, 16 February, 2016 at 10:00 AM
Location: Lamedina Hotel, Jounieh

Enjoy a fun & friendly atmosphere, and savor your own prepared lunch.

Price: 30 USD including cooking class, lunch with glass of wine & dessert
Minimum group of 6 persons – reservation is a must before February 12,2016

RSVP – This event is on Facebook 

Note:  A second session of our Basic Lesson of the Italian Cooking Class, will also take place on February 27, 2016
Check the details on this link: Learn how to Prepare Homemade Pasta

Gastronomic Italian Recipes - Live Cooking Class-Lamedina Hotel Jounieh - Lebanon - February 2016

Reserve your table for a romantic & special
Valentine’s dinner at
Lamedina Cafe in Jounieh
RSVP : 78-823921

Date: 13 & 14 February 2016
Dinner Price: 50$/couple

Set Menu for two:
Starters: Chicken flakes & Hearted Ravioli Fritti
Salad: Bresaola Rocca Salad
Main Course: Grilled Salmon or Filet Cordon Bleu
Dessert: Strawberry Mousse
Bottle of Wine

Celebrate a lovely evening with a delicious set menu dinner and a bottle of wine with candle light, petal flower base, and romantic music setting.

Your memories of lovely moments will be captured at our Cupid’s Photobooth.

Dinner Reservation is advised
For more info, please call 78 823 921

RSVP: This event is on Facebook

Special Valentine Accommodation Offer:
Reserve before February 10 and get a discounted price on our Valentine package at Lamedina Hotel: Valentine Dinner + one night accommodation including breakfast for 120 USD

Valentine's Dinner - Lamedina-Cafe-Jounieh-Lebanon

During the Italian Cooking Class,
you will learn how to make home-made pasta from scratch
& learn how to prepare delicious Italian recipes

After the success of the first session of the Italian Cooking Class at Lamedina Hotel, we are launching session number 2 on the 27th of February, 2016. 

Live-Italian-Cooking-Class-at-LamedinaHotel-Jounieh-LebanonSession number 2: Saturday, February 27, 2016 at 10:00 AM
Location: Lamedina Hotel, Jounieh
Contact us: Reserve your apron on 78 82 39 21

The class will feature the following recipes:

– Ravioli Spinach filling
– Fettuccine
– Chicken Alfredo
Dessert: Chocolate Mousse

Enjoy a fun & friendly atmosphere, savor your own prepared lunch as we raise together the toast of your lesson completion !

Price: 30 USD including cooking class, lunch with glass of wine & dessert
Minimum group of 6 persons – reservation is a must before February 23, 2016

RSVP : This event is on Facebook

Check out the pictures from session 1 of the Italian Cooking Class – Homemade pasta preparation

Join us with your friends at L Cafe at Lamedina Hotel, Jounieh 78 823 921 – Join the event on Facebook for updates

We are giving away many prizes every weekend.
Never miss a game, watch them LIVE on our giant screen!

And 3 Valuable prizes will be given away for everyone who Checks-in during 5 games of the Champions League, and European National Leagues.

1- Ticket and Accommodation to Cyprus
2- Full membership to Lamedina Beach Club and Resort for summer 2016, value: 400$
3- Coupon voucher from reputable sports store, value 200$

Terms and Conditions Apply

– You have to check-in 5 times at Lamedina Cafe, during 5 games of the tournaments, and show us your check-in on Facebook or Instagram, to be eligible to enter the draw.
– Contestants will be given special cards that will mark their 5 check-in’s and will be entered the draw.
– Names of the 3 winners will be announced throughout the leagues.

We are thrilled to announce that L Cafe is now open and ready to welcome guests at Lamedina Hotel Restaurant & Cafe. The restaurant offers simply prepared Sandwiches, Burgers, Platters and a range of mouthwatering dishes prepared by our chef.



Signature items are highlighted on the menu, as recommended by the chef from Quesadillas, Chicken Flakes, a range of salads; Fajita, Crab, & Steak Sandwiches; delicious Burgers a signature Cheese Burger Fondue, a Lebanese corner with local dishes, in addition to yummy pasta plates and other chicken and beef platters…The variety in the L Cafe Menu allows for several plates to be shared family-style, or can be order as a coursed meal. We surely serve desserts, coffee and arguile; you can’t miss our Homemade Apple Tarte: our chef’s state of art!

L Cafe is located at the entrance of Lamedina Hotel, in Jounieh with a parking lot available for the guests of the hotel and for the restaurant as well. L Cafe is open for lunch & dinner.
To reserve a table when you come along with your friends, you can call us on 78 823 921

Our menu will soon be posted on the website. Stay Tuned !

Lamedina Hotel is hosting Open Barbecue every night starting Thursday August 20, 2015 at 8:30 PM till end of September 2015

Reservation is a must ! Call us on 78 82 39 21

Open Barbecue with an assortment of Lebanese side dishes for 25$/person

Open BBQ: Marinated Chicken, Marinated Beef Filet, American Sausages, Burgers.
Sauteed Veggies, Hummos, Fattouch, Potato & Beet root Salad, Raheb Salad …

PS: Drinks are a la Carte