We are thrilled to announce that L Cafe is now open and ready to welcome guests at Lamedina Hotel Restaurant & Cafe. The restaurant offers simply prepared Sandwiches, Burgers, Platters and a range of mouthwatering dishes prepared by our chef.




Signature items are highlighted on the menu, as recommended by the chef from Quesadillas, Chicken Flakes, a range of salads; Fajita, Crab, & Steak Sandwiches; delicious Burgers a signature Cheese Burger Fondue, a Lebanese corner with local dishes, in addition to yummy pasta plates and other chicken and beef platters…The variety in the L Cafe Menu allows for several plates to be shared family-style, or can be order as a coursed meal. We surely serve desserts, coffee and arguile; you can’t miss our Homemade Apple Tarte: our chef’s state of art!

L Cafe is located at the entrance of Lamedina Hotel, in Jounieh with a parking lot available for the guests of the hotel and for the restaurant as well. L Cafe is open from 5:00 PM till midnight
To reserve a table when you come along with your friends, you can call us on 78 823 921